Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Post Thanksgiving Crash

Whew. I took too much time off over Thanksgiving and scrambled to catch up; plus the weather turned nasty which means it's migraine city around here.

X has been great - he is moving this week into his own place (which is VERY nice, a single story 2/1 apartment with all appliances and a living room big enough for the pit couch). He has a little job today (which he won't get paid for til Friday) so I am fronting him the cash to get his water turned on since it turned out it wasn't included after all.

I always insisted no child under 12 needs a cell phone. I totally reneged and bought V and C TracFones - cheapo $10 ones with a $20 card that lasts 3 months. I got a good deal - any minutes I buy on the phone for life are doubled. They have games, too, that don't use airtime.

I even let them take them to school in their backpacks as a show of trust that they will be responsible. I bought the TracFones because V goes to Dallas on the bus today - her first big long road trip, and I am paralyzed with fear. AND of course it is sleeting. Creepers.

I couldn't tell her she couldn't go, though. She was so proud of making the cut for choir. I will be on pins and needles all day, though. She looked so pretty this morning - I figured out how to braid the front of her hair on both sides, then band it so the rest fell down in waves with loose part. It's very nice and grown up looking.

C is just ecstatic he has a phone with GAMES.

D had a cough and fever yesterday night, so I was worried- I souped him up on Tylenol and kept pushing fluids, tho, and he ended up sleeping all afternoon. The fever never came back, the cough stopped, and all he has now is a little runny nose - he slept through last night without a peep, though he didn't go down till eleven since he slept all day.

I have a migraine again today. I had one a few nights back when the front first started building miles from here, and the kids wouldn't stop chasing the baby and making him SCREAM... I had invited X over for dinner (homemade chicken wings!) and he ended up taking the older ones back to his place. I still didn't get a lot done, but at least D quit squealing!

I have managed to bulge the disc in my lower back again... which made me walk funny... which wrenched my bad knee... which hurt so bad I hunched up... which threw my UPPER back out of whack... now I walk like HOUSE due to the knee, ache all across my lower back and feel like there is a butcher knife buried between my shoulder-blades. Oh, joy. AND the migraine.

BUT, I'm not too blue. D is feeling so much better, and I was worried about him, so having him almost well already is a great boost! Of course, when he is sick is is such a snuggle bunny... I don't ever want him ill, of course, but it's the only time he likes to cuddle, he's sooo independent. I got lots of hugs and curl up in my lap time yesterday.

GOT to get work done today - helplessly behind now.

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  1. Lower back pain causing you to wrench bad knee, causing funny walk injuring upper back - yes, I know what you mean!

    I'm so sorry this is all happening for you, but you're going to come out the other side even stronger than you ever imagined, and more independent than you ever wanted!

    You've got friends who love you! We'll be around if you need us...