Sunday, December 6, 2009

Divorced Mom and Plumbing

Lovely. I gave the kids all a shower, and halfway through the tub quits draining. A little later, I hear squealing from V's room - all that water drained under her floor, so all down one wall of her bedroom is now soaked.

Stupid me, I assume the problem is contained to that half of the house, and run a load of laundry. That doesn't drain into V's room - it drains into the FRONT half of the house. The kitchen, dining room and living area end up half swamped before I come back into the front half of the house and realize what happened (silly me was in back room, checking on water damage there.)

Now I'm scared to flush a toilet, wash a dish or anything else until morning, when landlord will get a very unhappy phone call.

Ugh. Called X, just out of habit, then realized he doesn't live here... so my plumbing isn't really his problem. (<---- that is SO NOT a double entendre...) He offered to come over, but there's really nothing he can do for me. (<---- again, minds out of the gutter, people!)

Sigh. NOT a happy camper tonight.

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