Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Divorced and Kids in Turmoil... and a Burrito

Whew. I want it to be 8:00. Like, NOW.

V keeps misbehaving and instantly apologizing, so it's hard to work up a head of steam to yell at her. At least she's not screaming and stomping around - I think talking to the school counselor calmed her down a lot.

C hates me. Says his life is ruined, and nothing will ever get better, and there's no use to anything. I keep trying to get a hold of his school counselor, but she's always too busy - I need to bust in her office and insist she talk to me and put C on her roster of kids who might need to talk to someone besides their mom who they HATE.

D is a pill as always, and has developed the unnerving habit of taking off running full tilt after snagging something he's not supposed to have - if I chase him he falls and bonks his head. Lil' squirt. He's the one bright spot some days.

In the meantime, I'm a little ticked at X. The vehicle situation is sticky. The Caddy is dead - I can get it to go round the block, but that is it. Clean title, I keep telling him to trade it in and he can buy himself a clunker, but he has no money or job, except little hundred dollars here and there, weeks apart (no clue how he plans to make his rent.)

Agreement was, I pay the Suburban bill, I keep the Suburban. Seems like he takes kids to school and ends up keeping it all day. Now, I agree, he needs it to take kids to school, but for $400 a month plus insurance I should get some freaking babysitting time thrown in. As soon as he gets the rest of the furniture moved I'm going to point that out to him.

If he wants to drive it, fine - but the deal now is he takes kids to school, picks them up, keeps them for a few hours after school and half days on weekends, AND watches D for a few hours a day so I can get some extra work done since D often no longer naps. I think that's fair since he isn't working most days, so I can only assume he's sitting around watching TV and eating sunflower seeds. (<--- notice bitter, mean comment for those who missed it)

I'm aggravated tonight, mostly because I wanted a flipping burrito and couldn't go get one. X would go get me one if I asked, but I don't want to ask him to get me a burrito, I want to go get my own flipping burrito. Yes, I realize that this is self defeatist behavior. Bite me.

I wonder if I have stuff in the kitchen to MAKE a burrito. Then I could have a burrito... I would still hold stubbornly on to being mad though. Like, it's the principle of the thing... right?

There we go, says Self Help Guru Pretender. You managed to snark your way to a smile.

You know she's in denial, retorts Inner Psychotherapist. Her snark is a classic avoidance technique which she is using as an excuse not to deal with-

(Self Help Guru Pretender and I smother Inner Psychotherapist with a burrito.)

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